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about Izi

Hi! My name is Izi Stevens and I’m very excited to finally present my work online! 

I’ve always been passionated about living a creative life and one close to the earth. I have a great curiosity in the human being. What moves us from within? What keeps our engine going? What connects us? And what sets our own soul on fire..

Following the path of movement made me become a professional dancer BODY,  yoga teacher SOUL, And studying psychology MIND. I’ve been following several courses: As a ‘Dance Therapist’ and ‘Life Coaching’.

All these courses and studying are a great toolkit! but I still believe that life itself, nature, and following your own intuition are your greatest teachers. 

Recently I became an ambasador for Colombians new brand speciality coffee: ‘Cumbre Sacras’, that develops the education on coffee worlwide. & find me working with Acacia Languages as a creative Dutch tutor. 

I’m offering online & offline classes, coaching, coffee and find out about other projects that are currently running!

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