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torres del paine



Juan labarca

I’ve met Juan Carlos in January 2021 in Chile and connected straight away. We both share a profound love for nature, humanity and the arts. Being in front of his camera makes me forget the world around me. Through his eyes and camera, I found a new way of expression. One I would love to develop more profoundly. A great personality and amazing photographer to work with.

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Benjamin Alaluf

I’ve met Benjamin while doing a casting for a commercial. A young personality, full of dreams, passion and interest in the world. We had a few meetings and decided to do some shots in the wild. Working with the four elements of nature, wanting to shoot in extreme places. We shot on top of a volcano, we spent hours in the cold water and went to the rocks  to work with the wind.

instagram: @bvillela_fotos

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Ashtanga Mysore Style

Since 2019 I´ve been practising Ashtanga yoga. I have times where I practise daily and in other times I meet myself on the mat when I want and when I can.  Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient system of yoga poses. it´s  therapeutic and has progressive sequences of asana’s  orginised into 6 series. Orginally it’s meant to practise daily. You start with learning the asanas in the primary series. Once you conquered the first series, you move on to the the second series. (Trust me, this is a long proces!) Many spend their entire life working on these postures, and others who move on to the next series spent many years of defining the postures. The reason why I love it? because of it´s therapeutic healing results. It´s a great way of checking in with your body every day, it provides a beautiful  communitys and wherever you go in the world, the series are the same!! 

The Ashtanga method emphasises on the following aspects:

  • Asanas or poses to purify, streghten and give flexibility to the body
  • Breathing to purify the nervous system
  • Dristhi or gazing point to purify and stabilize the funcioning of the mind
  • Movement system (vinyasa) for internal cleansing.

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yoga classes Pucón
2022 sept-okt


As the winter in Pucón can be pretty rough, I was very happy when spring finally came to light up our world. When the first sunrays lighted up the earth, the body got warmer and I felt the desire to move again. A friend asked me to do yoga classes at the beach and the idea was born. As a ´puconino´ it was time to break the winter ritme of being inside our wooden house, enjoying the warm fire, and go back outside to move the body and welcome summer in. 

 Yoga flows, movement, massage technics, stretches and meditation at the beach. Whatever we needed to connect and active our body in these days. Classes started with friends and with strangers that became friends. beach classes in the sand and sometimes in the green after a rainy days. 

What a lovely memory! 


ecstatic dance

ecstatic dance, santiago
2022 july/august

Whats´s better than feeling absolutely free in your own body! The ones who catched only seconds of these moments, know what I´m talking about! they know how liberating it feels and the after glow it leaves on you.

 What if I told you there´s a way of natural healing without taking any drugs, medicines, or any help of external influences.. because yess.. it does exist! 

Let me introduce you to  ECSTATIC DANCE. I´m sure many of you know what Ecstatic Dance is. So when I got invited to fascilitate Ecstatic Dance in Santiago, I didn´t think twice. Together with PLAYROOTS (DJ) we orginzed a weekly session in Taringuita Mallsport Santiago. An absolutely beautiful place with good music that made it my favourite part of the week!

introduction to Ecstatic Dance : 

Ecstatic dance is a free form of dance with the goal to archieve ecstasy. this is a natural state in which your awareness shifts and you get to experience a meditative and happy state of mind through body movement. besides the fact that it´s a lot of fun to move your body to music. Ecstatic Dance is also scientifically proven to help your mental & physical health. The good thing about Ecstatic Dance is that there are almost no rules! there are only 3 important rules to bear in mind when you´re joining an Ecstatic Dance.

  • No alcohol or drugs
  • No shoes
  • No talking
Other than those, you´ll have no limitations during an Ecstatic Dance session! there´s no choreography. there´s no set music genre. And most importantly: there´s nothing but love and acceptance around you. it´s a safe space where you can explore, connect and truly express yourself how you want.


Port de bras
fashion film, by chiron floris

Port de bras-
fashion film
2020 sept.

The story of the Fashion is incorporated into the story of the film. Chiron Floris about her Fashion Collection ‘Port de Bras’

“When I was little I visited my grandparents every week. My grandmother spoiled me with sweets and my grandfather would take me to his workplace where he worked as a shoemaker. I remember de loud sound of the heavy machinery and I can stil smell the leather mixed with glue. As a child I was fascinated by my grandfather’s profession and as a designer I am inspired by workwear. It serves as an source of inspiration in my search for timelessness in fashion. I see it as a challenge to create something
timeless in such a fast moving industry. With this film I want to make an ode to my grandfather and I will tell a story about the working man. By collaborating with dancers I want to show the motion
of the everyday life, the freedom of movement and play a game with funcionality’.

Green leaf harmony

''we rise by lifting others''

In may 2020 we both discovered the TikTok world. It’s an online platform where you can post short video’s. Emilia’s page was about quotes and positive messages about ayurvedic products and knowledge in alternative medicine and therapy. While Izi’s page was about dance, yoga, mental health and nature. Emilia was fascinated by Izi’s movements and Izi felt intrigued by Emi’s knowledge, strength and positivity. We discovered we were sharing the same values: spreading kindness, empathy, positivity and both of us being interested in Yoga, Ayurveda, Mental Health, Nature and Movement. We started to get inspiration during the lockdown and found support while developing our own projects meanwhile. By supporting each others idea’s and driving each other to our own full potential in our own expertise, we were able to grow and continue our road. Together you’re stronger! When Emilia started to design the first apparel collection she was inspired by Izi’s world. When this collection came out, we felt that our project was born: ‘WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS’