”A home, to return to” 

  I’ve been practising dance on a daily base since the age of 11. Classical and modern dance, during my younger years has taught me all about discipline and dedication, Two aspects I still believe are the core for reaching your goals. It taught me to go beyond my own (limited) beliefs and the beliefs of others. The practise of movement makes your body and mind grow strong. When I continued my studies at ArtEZ school of dance, I discovered a system within myself. A system that helps me understand my actions and behaviors better through movement. It helps me to understand a world within me, and therefor the world around me. It’s a system within oneself that many among us forget we have. Listening, to your body and recognising patterns of movement where verbal language fails is another way of communicating, and therefor connecting. It needs time and practise to understand our own language within, a language desired to be expressed. You will be surprised how much insides the body gives away during a movement class!

Since 2015 I’ve been teaching classes and workshops around the globe. My method supports a healthy way of moving through space where we bring in our whole being. To support a joyful and connected way through playfulness with technics, handy tools and exercises. To move ‘you ‘as YOU! Lets join the waves of flow and be guided by folkloric music that I collected during my travels around this world and passed through the people I ve met and loved

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